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Horizon Grain Brokers operates on a fee-for-service membership with growers. We don’t charge the grower on the sale, rather we work with clients throughout the season to get the best results we can. (This is a 12-month membership on a seasonal basis). 


We are a Grower Broker

We do not receive commissions from any buyer and we do not become principal in grower sales. We understand our position in the market place which allows us to have excellent working relationships with buyers which assists in bringing and creating opportunity to our grower members all year around. 


Information on Demand

We provide growers with daily market commentary, both in the morning and afternoon, via text messages or emails, ensuring that our growers receive the information as regularly as possible.


Full Support Service

We provide up-to-date and accurate pricing for members. We offer a ‘full support’ service using relevant authority to act forms to complete paperwork with buyers and bulk handlers on the grower’s behalf. We aim to take the stress and workload away the growers as much as possible, while still allowing them to be in full control in the decision making when marketing their grain. Our services also include contract transfers all year around, End Point Royalty reports and will assist with any grain administration tasks that present themselves.


Grower Targets

We support and encourage the use of grower target prices, both indicative and firm, and take these offers to the buyer market daily from our own software platform. This creates efficiency and captures an opportunity for growers in a volatile market environment.


Online Portal

Horizon Grain Brokers utilize and provide growers with an online portal to view their contract management, sold/unsold positions and offers in the marketplace. Growers can also view cropping plan details online and receive monthly position statements via email.


Live Site Pricing

A ‘live site pricing’ web portal keeps growers up-to-date in real time with buyer bids, which can be customized to the sites, bin grades and season that suits the client. This is a fundamental tool offered to Horizon Grain Brokers members. Once setup growers can simply and efficiently monitor bids in real time via web access from their mobile phone, tablet or home computer.



There is no timeline set for a grower to market their tonnes of grain. We work with the client and sell when it suits their business.


Why choose Horizon Grain Brokers?

  • Receive regular and efficient contact with a personalized and experienced grain broker.
  • Don’t charge on the sale, we are a fee for service membership.
  • Deal with a broker who has excellent working relationships with buyers.
  • Monitor debtors for timely payments and adverse warning signs.
  • We don't receive buyer commissions, and we don't become principal in grower sales.
  • Online business portal with up to date position reports and seasonal cropping plans.
  • Back up service saving you the hassles of dealing with your grain administration tasks.
  • Set and have target prices monitored on your behalf to capture pricing opportunities in a volatile market place.
  • No timeline to pressure you into marketing your grain.
  • Contract management/transfers all year around.
  • End Point Royalty reports
  • Pre-harvest grower meetings/on farm visits.



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